I. Objectives of This Module

On completion of this module, you should :
  • Be able to define the terms convert, disciple, and discipleship
  • Know the relationship between evangelism and discipleship
  • Understand the Biblical basis for making disciples
  • Know the rewards and persecution involved with making disciples
  • Know what prospects will generally respond best to our witness
  • Begin praying that God would reveal where he wants you to make disciples
  • Understand the master plan for evangelism
  • Know the process of personal evangelism
  • Understand what the acronym FIRE represents
  • State the two diagnostic questions of evangelism explosion
  • Write your personal testimony
  • State the Four Spiritual Laws
  • Memorize the Scripture references from the Romans Road
  • Be able to lead a person to Christ using John 3
  • State the five ways for spiritual growth as given on an evangecube
  • Know the Scripture reference for “speaking the truth in love.”
  • Respond to the objection that one needs to work their way to salvation
  • Explain why Christianity is a relationship
  • Know why pluralism cannot be true
  • Understand the importance of relationship evangelism
  • Know the meaning of mass evangelism and saturation evangelism
  • Know the process of discipleship
  • Be able to explain spiritual multiplication
  • Name three principles that Paul exemplified in making disciples
  • Know five practical ideas from Waylon B. Moore for training disciples
  • Develop a brief outline for a six-month-long curriculum to train disciples